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Advice from an Experienced Geocacher

We received this email from our first Geocache Volunteer, Paul Rasey. We want to share his helpful advice with all of our volunteers and searchers with our thanks!


I just watched your show and realized that there are many people that are just beginning to Geocache.

Just some notes:

Remember both the hider and the finder will have some variance in their Coordinates.


When hiding a cache, set your GPS receiver down at the site while you prepare the cache. Let it cook for a bit so it "zeroes in". The better the quality of your receiver and the number of satellites available for a signal makes a difference. The best GPSR's can get an accurate measurement within the thickness of a nickel. But if the hider is off 30 feet and the finder is off 30 feet, it adds up.


I have a back-pack just for Geocaching. It has:


Snack bars



Gloves - (for digging to the find)

First Aid Kit

Swag - for putting in the cache



Ziplock bags and Duct tape (for repairing aged caches)


Trash bags to clean up the area if needed. (Cache in Trash out)

This is not everything - but you get the gist

Also, if you purchase a GPS receiver or download a GPS application onto your smart phone, play with it in your yard and get used to it. Practice makes better.

Plan your trip.

There are many videos and sites online to help a geocacher.

Also explore Geocaching.com, There are many types of caches including Letterbox, Mystery (Puzzle), Virtual and others.

Anyway, just some thoughts while watching and too much for a "chat"

You are doing great!

Paul Rasey (Ray Sea)