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AGK Geocoin, Jono Jones, Bolton, UK, Geocaching Trifecta, "Tiger's Pyramid"

Click on the image to be redirected to the Google Earth map of the location. Click here to see an album of the images Jono sent. (Referenced below as a presentation)

Note from Jono:

The UK AGK GeoCache called 'Tiger's Pyramid' has been hidden for many weeks. Patiently waiting for the clomp of a muddy boot!

Now that the UK is coming out of lockdown (albeit into a varied level of restrictions across the UK), hiking as an exercise becomes an option.

Please find attached a presentation that contains a starting point and a poem to get viewers to the exact spot. We've also given quite a few picture clues to help get you there!

The container is covered in rocks and leaves, and sunk into the ground, so you must follow the clues precisely to find the cache.

The container holds three treasures all of value. A heavy bronze Pharoh statue sat on an antique base. A numbered copper-coloured Forrest Fenn searcher coin. And the Pyramid Trifecta which is so cool and so heavy!

With the help of the slides, it should be a breeze!

Hopefully, you will have fun finding the cache. We had lots of fun hiding it, just before the lockdown.

Take care, it's muddy and slippy, so dress well and take good footwear!

Good luck everyone!

Brit Chaser and Family

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