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AGK Geocoin: Laura S., OH, Mariah's Cache Coin #32, "IAINTGOTNO Cache" /Recovered 12.3.20

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Laura added:

Here are the pictures for the hidden cache. We weren’t satisfied with our pictures from yesterday so we went back today. We are sending a lot!

The location we chose is beautiful and kind of an unexpected treat in Ohio. It’s called Whipps Ledges in Hinkley Township, Ohio. There are exposed ledges of Sharon Sandstone Conglomerate. It’s beautiful to hike, picnic and some are brave enough to rock climb there. You don’t have to climb any dangerous rocks to get to the cache. There is a slight incline off the trail to get to it. It is ankle twisting territory so be careful when looking for the cache. There are lots of exposed roots and of course the rocks along the way can be slippery! The cache can be found year round but more caution should be used on the trail in the winter. We put rocks in front of it, not only to hide it but also to create sort of a ledge in order to keep it in place in case of water run-off. That shouldn’t be an issue but we wanted to be sure. The rocks are not too heavy to easily move and replace. The location is in a colorful rock area along the path just before you begin the climb to the top of the ledges. The pictures show a unique rock to the right of the nook where the cache is hidden.

We added a pendulum to the cache representing spiritual and/or physical balance and grounding. This could be a useful tool in the treasure hunting community!

My husband has been a great sport since January when I started treasure hunting and watching you on the living room television. At first, he made his way to the basement when your show came on. Now he lets me know when your show is coming on and watches! He was excited to hide the geocache and came up with the name.


Includes Mariah’s Cache Coin #32

Located at Whipps Ledges In Hinkley Township, Ohio

41.217153 -81.699030

We used My Location on Google maps and the pictures are in the order of the path we took. I named them with numbers to try to keep the order and included some descriptions. This was our first geocaching experience and we really enjoyed it!

Note from the first Finder, James Bailey:

Went for a hike today. Decided to leave my two cents... (two Wheat pennies I found metal detecting this fall, and a “Worlds Smallest Shot” glass from Wall Drug on one of my trips driving to look for the Fenn treasure. (Jim's photos have been added to the photo album for this cache.)

I also left this commemorative bronze “Fulton’s Folly” coin I found metal detecting not too far from the pennies. Also in the bag are a couple more items - a historic coin and a challenge coin.

Interesting story about “Whipps Ledges”. In the 1840s, an Englishman named Robert Whipp moves to the area. Whipp was a successful businessman as a butcher and made a lot of money. Soon after, he was able to purchase up the land in the area. After his wife died, he befriended an English family (a widow, son and daughter.) They learned of his wealth and devised a plan to murder him. They convinced him to marry the young widow. In 1877, along with her boyfriend, they tried to subdue him with chloroform. The over 6’ and 250lb Robert Whipp was able to overpower them and foil the plot.

Jim In Ohio