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AGK Geocoin: Mary P., WA, Stegosaurus, "McMillin" /Recovered by Scott Lanini

Click on the image to open a Google Map with the geo-coordinates to find this cache.


A Note from Mary P:

I stashed the cache along the Puyallup River between Sumner and Orting Washington in an area known as McMillin. Click here to go to the "McMillin" photo album.

A Note from the first finder (11/8/2020), Scott Lanini:

Just got home so thought I'd share a few more photos from our little adventure today. (These have been added into the photo album for this cache.) Right at 3.5 hours drive time one way for us. I did a little Google Earth research and figured the best way to get to the final location. Once in the area, it was obvious we were on the right track and we had it in hand within 2 minutes as I looked in the wrong tree at first. So happy to see the dinosaur coin was still there! We left a matching set of my old coins for the next finder. This was a fun one! Thanks!!!