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AGK Geocoin: Scott L., OR, MC Challenge Coin #2, "Feeling a Lil Lucky"/Recovered by 3D Bronze

Update 2020 11 28: This coin has been recovered by our friend 3D Bronze, but he left some new items in the cache! Click on the image below to be re-directed to a map of the location in which this AGK Geocoin was hidden. It is #21 - the photo below is our stock image. Also click here to view the photo album.

Notes from Scott:

Hi guys!

Just got back from hiding the AGK cache :)  I added a couple "coins" from my previous Geocaching days (My old log-in ARLSDADDY/Chaos A.D. which only 250 silver and 250 gold coins were made.)  Also, one of only 100 puzzle coins I had made around the same time.  Both coins are circa 2003-2004.

Final coords to the cache:

N44 52.308, W123 28.072

I placed this in a neat little spot that can be a bit tricky for someone who may not have looked for a cache yet, but still easy enough if you know the typical hiding spots :)

I named this "Feeling A Lil Lucky", as it is placed next to the Little Luckiamute River.

Let me know if you would like any additional photos.  I have a few of the river as well as the actual hiding spot.

Thanks again for allowing me to hide this :)


Salem, Or

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