• A Gypsy's Kiss

Treasure Found!

The AGK treasure proxy has been found as of October 28, 2020. It was located in the

Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana along the Longleaf Vista Interpretive Trail near signpost number 24 at the waterfall. We have spoken to the finder and are very confident the treasure hunt ended the way we expected.

If you would like to see a video of the area as it was being searched, you can watch this excellent example from J Bond on his YouTube channel https://youtu.be/8i0LrV1UKa4

We gave some hints and clues out during our live show on Wednesday night https://youtu.be/rE-N8T-gbEY and on the live show with Amy Seeks https://youtu.be/LGquk0Sunrc

On Wednesday, November 4, we will speak with the finder of the AGK treasure, Christian Hill from southern New Mexico. If you have any specific questions you want us to ask, please send us an email or text them to 202-815-1171.

We want to send out congratulations to Christian and everybody else who was so close to finding the treasure proxy. You have our thanks and appreciation for supporting us in our first treasure hunt adventure.

If you have boots on the ground photos or videos of the search area and you’d like to share with our viewers, please email them to us along with your written permission to share them on our live show. Better yet, Toby is breaking his own rules and sending tokens of our appreciation to some of our “second-place finishers.”

We hope you will continue to join us every Wednesday night for updates on how we are wrapping up our first treasure hunt and putting together our next treasure hunt. We will have giveaways every Wednesday for our audience and welcome your valuable input in the chat room or by email. Of course, we will still have our live Geocaching shows on Saturday nights, too. Tune in this coming Wednesday for a special announcement related to our next project, “Anasazi.”

Thanks again for your support and participation and we’ll see you in the chat rooms!

Shelley & Toby